A Student-Centred and Quality-Focused University

Afyon Kocatepe University endeavours to be one of the nation’s distinguished comprehensive universities. Our university is committed to closely monitor the scientific and technological developments of the 21st century and to conduct quality research at the international level.

Our university aims to equip its students with world-class professional knowledge and skills through its faculties, graduate schools, schools, vocational schools, and research centres. It also strives to educate students as the individuals who are self-confident and respectful for human rights, environmental issues, and the national and moral values of the society. Moreover, they are expected to be aware of the domestic and global problems and also appreciate national and global interests. For quality education, our campuses have an up-to-date perspective to meet the social and cultural needs of our students and we design the campuses for them to live in modern conditions. All our academicians are supported with every possible opportunity to carry out their scientific studies freely.

We claim to be among the good universities at regional, national, and international levels with the support of the academic members, the students of Afyon Kocatepe University, and the public of Afyonkarahisar as a whole. We have continued our efforts to contribute to the prosperous future of our country through the student-centred comprehensive education and the research studies at our university.



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