Information about KA107

Erasmus+ extends beyond Europe, allowing for mobility from and to other parts of the world (84 Partner Countries), and Key Action 107 supports opportunities for academic and administrative staff to undertake a learning and/or professional experience in all countries in the world. Partner Countries cover the rest of the world outside the European Union.

However, staff mobility for teaching or training must be covered by an international inter-institutional agreement. The inter-institutional agreement must be signed before mobilities begin. Countries that can be granted change every year within the framework of the Program budget allocated by Turkish National Agency. For each call of Erasmus+ KA107 Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments, the list of countries/partner universities are updated in accordance with the Program budget allocated to Afyon Kocatepe University.

This mobility project can comprise two main activities; teaching periods and training periods. Teaching activity allows HEI teaching staff or staff from enterprises to teach at a partner HEI abroad. Staff mobility for teaching can be in any subject area/academic discipline. Training activity supports the professional development of HEI teaching and non-teaching staff in the form of training events abroad (excluding conferences) and job shadowing/observation periods/training at a partner HEI, or at another relevant organisation abroad. A period abroad can combine teaching and training activities.

The sending and receiving organisations, together with the students/staff, must have agreed on the activities to be undertaken by the students – in a ‘Learning Agreement’ – or by staff members – in a ‘Mobility Agreement’ – prior to the start of the mobility period. These agreements define the target learning outcomes for the learning period abroad, specify the formal recognition provisions and list the rights and obligations of each party. When the activity is between two higher education institutions (student mobility for studies and staff mobility for teaching), an international ‘inter-institutional agreement’ has to be in place between the sending and the receiving institutions before the exchanges can start.


How to apply for teaching/staff mobility at Afyon Kocatepe University (AKU)?

  • For Our International Partners

Teaching staff and administrative staff who are interested in visiting AKU as incoming staff should follow the announcements of their international office and apply on the relevant dates.

  • For Our Prospective/Potential International Partners

If we do not have an international ‘inter-institutional agreement’, your university or international university can email us for collaboration and partner requests. We apply for the grant each year in February. Therefore, we can negotiate potential agreements before those dates and collaborate to prepare an application for this partnership. As Afyon Kocatepe University International Relations Office, we have been working towards strengthening the cooperation ties with international institutions and your offer is very much appreciated


Application Requirements and Documents

Applicants must be a member of the partner university and they must actively work at the time of application, have a minimum English proficiency level of B1. As it is necessary to have an agreement before the mobility, an ‘inter-institutional agreement’ has to be in place between the sending and the receiving institutions before the exchanges can start. If we do not have an agreement, it would be a pleasure to contact with you for further cooperations.


Duration of the Activities

Duration of teaching mobility ranges from 5 days to 2 months (max.) excluding travel time.

For one-week (5 working days) participation, the teaching activity has to comprise a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week. For training activities that will last more than one week (5 working days), the minimum teaching hour must be calculated in proportion to the minimum requirement (e.g., 16 hours/10 working days, 24 hours/15 working days).



Mobility grants for staff are provided as contributions towards subsistence and travel. Staff subsistence and travel costs are paid as flat rates, regardless if your institution pays receipted expenditure. Travel days are not included in the calculation of the minimum duration.

An HEI can award funding for up to 2 travel days. A travel day is a day’s subsistence for the staff member traveling before and/or after participating in teaching or training activities. If the staff
member is participating in teaching or training activities on the same day as travelling, they are not entitled to a travel day.

For 2019-2020 Academic Years, the following grants will be provided for incoming staffs by our institution.

Obtained “km” Value

Grant Amount (€)

100-499 km


500-1999 km


2000-2999 km


3000-3999 km


4000-7999 km


+8000 km


In addition to the travel grants, we grant 140 Euro a day for the staff coming to our institution for 2019.


Accommodation Options

AKÜ Social Facilities Center is located in our campus. You can contact with our international relations office for further information.

You can also find luxurious hotels that provide thermal and spa facilities in Afyonkarahisar. For these options, accommodation search engines can be used.

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